Join The Pottersville Volunteer Fire Company

Currently, America's Firefighting and Emergency Services personnel are 75% volunteers. These men and women are students, executives and homemakers that are also responsible to employers, families and owned businesses.

We, as community residents, take for granted that 'First Responders' answer the call no matter the time of day, weather or their involved personal activities.

Certainly, not every person is able to become a Volunteer Firefighter in their community. However, there are related tasks that community members CAN volunteer to do. Call your local Fire and Emergency Response Departments to see how you may help.

Junior Firefighter
We have a Junior Firefighter program. Individuals ages 16 and 17 can join. Learn about the tradition of fire fighting. Although you can not participate in the actual fire fighting you can respond to alarms and help with the equipment. You also take part in our drills and fundraising activities. If interested it is an excellent opportunity to learn about fire fighting and fire fighting equipment. When you turn 18 you can then apply to be a member of the Fire Company and have a heads up with your fire fighting knowledge. This is also an excellent way of fulfilling your community service requirement to the community if required by your school district.

To become a Volunteer, either as a Firefighter, Junior Firefighter or as a Business Member, call (908) 439-2544 and leave a message.
Download Membership Application and Members Activity List Here and mail to:

Pottersville Volunteer Fire Company
Attn. Membership Committee
P.O. Box 98
Pottersville, NJ 07979

or drop the application and activity list off at the fire house on a meeting, drill, or work detail night as indicated in the Calendar section.