These are some of the Goals of the Potterville Volunteer Fire Company for 2013.

Thank you to all 2012 donors. WE DEPEND ON YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT

We as a Volunteer Fire Company must raise over 40% of our annual Budget through our Annual Antique Show, Annual Fund Drive and various other Fund Raising activities. To give you an idea of some of our expenses the cost of outfitting a Firefighter with Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] is listed below. A Fully-Equipped Firefighter requires approximately $8,835 of PPE to address the numerous emergency situations they encounter such as but not limited to entering a smoke filled burning building or attacking a vehicle fire. This equipment is checked periodically and serviced annually. It must be replaced when no longer serviceable. Donations are always welcomed. Thank you.

Helmet - $350
Turnout Gear - [Coat & Bunker Pants] - $2,320
Boots - $305
Gloves - $80
Nomex Shirt & Hood - $115
SCBA [Self Contained Breathing Apparatus] with Air Bottle - $5,150
SCBA Mask - $225
PASS Device [Personal Alarm Safety System] - $290

The NFPA [National Fire Protective Association] recommends a 10 year replacement cycle for Turnout Gear.

How to make a donation

Donations may be sent via checks payable to:
Pottersville Volunteer Fire Company
Mailed to:
PO Box 98
Pottersville, NJ 07979